The owl files – Chapter 2: Striking differences

29 March 2021

Striking differences

I’ve just been out on the roof to check on the owls and found them sitting about 1m apart in the top of the Evergreen Oak next to the Centre. They were both perched in ‘windows’ in the foliage – and I was again struck by just how dark the plumage of the male is compared to that of his mate. Back inside for the camera, and then back out to the owls. After many years of interactions, and after watching me working on the roof over the past year, the female didn’t even bother to open her eyes properly. The male however watched me – seeming more curious than concerned, and soon lost interest. Compare the two photos – the first, of the male and the second, of the female. The male is one of the darkest Spotted Eagle Owls that I’ve seen.

By Geoff Lockwood