The owl files – Chapter 3: Settling in for the long haul

01 July 2022

Settling in for the long haul

In the last few days the behaviour of the female has changed. She is no longer leaving the nest early to chill out on the lower roof near the Tea Garden. Instead, she has been staying at the nest till well after dark and two nights ago, when I climbed the ladder to check on her, she was sitting on the step in front of the nest. Behind her, in the nest there were still three eggs – so it looks like the clutch is complete.

Last night I popped up the ladder again, and the female was sitting in the nest. She was totally relaxed and barely glanced at me.

Incubation in Spotted Eagle-Owls usually takes around 31 days – so it will be a few more weeks before we will know if the eggs are fertile.

Female owl sitting in the nest incubating 3 eggs
Female owl sitting in the nest

By Geoff Lockwood