The owl files – Chapter 3: Making good progress

2 August 2022

Making good progress

Checked on the nest again yesterday evening and found the two chicks had grown further and both were showing signs of their second down – the triangular cream-coloured feathers visible particularly on the wings, coming through. The left-hand chick also still has its egg tooth (the whitish bump near the tip of the bill).

There were the remains of a Tree Rat in the nest with the chicks – so the food supply seems OK for now.

The female is still keeping the egg with the chicks, but it is now highly unlikely to hatch. It does however provide a great indication of how much the chicks have grown and I have decided to leave it in place until she discards it.

This morning there were at least five Pied Crows bugging her at the nest but interestingly, the male has yet to leave the Evergreen Oak and come to her assistance when the crows are around. This is in stark contrast to his behaviour last season when he often roosted at the entrance to the nest to help keep the crows at bay. It is noticeable though that female is now brooding the chicks right at the back of the nest.

Two 7 day old owl chicks in the owl nest box
Two 7 day old owl chicks

By Geoff Lockwood