The owl files – Chapter 3: After the storm (2)

06 December 2022

After the storm (2)

Early this morning, the male was calling from the corner of the tower above the box. Phew!!!

When it was light, I went out on the lower roof to check and found him in his favourite spot in the Evergreen Oak. He was well-hidden, but his right eye was closed – Oh no! Back inside for the camera, and then a few photos to try and determine if there was any injury. When I zoomed in on the photos, the eye looked OK but there seemed to be an injury to the eyelid itself. ?????

I then checked on the nest – both the female and chick were safe, and more importantly, there were the remains of a young Vlei Rat in the nest. The injury was not serious enough to prevent the male from hunting successfully!

How I wish we could have a ‘normal’ season – without any of the ‘curve balls’ that these owls keep coming up with this year!

By Geoff Lockwood