The owl file – Chapter 4: An empty nest . . . .

16 July 2023

An empty nest .   .    .   .

Cyn and I took an early atlassing walk around the park this morning and as we were returning to the Centre, I noticed that the female was perched on the step in front of the box  – not a promising sign!

I went up onto the roof, climbed the ladder, and looked over the wall and down into the box.

The female was still on the step, and barely opened her eyes in response to my appearance. Behind her, the nest was empty – meaning that she has been sitting  for 5 days already without laying! Clearly, she seems to have a problem, and although she has only been resident in the park for about 16 years, she may no longer be fertile. We will have to see.

Female owl outside nest box
Female owl outside nest box

By Geoff Lockwood