The owl files – Chapter 4: Welcome home

29 September 2023

Welcome home

When I got back from the Cape late on Friday afternoon, I was very keen to see how the owls where doing. Up the ladder to check the nest box – no sign of the chicks in the box, but the female was watching me from one of the air ducts – so the chicks were probably on the roof under the box, or possibly on the lower roof somewhere.

Out onto the function room roof  so I could see under the nest – and there the three chicks were – all present and correct, and from what I could see, looking good. Their wing feathers are developing well, and it won’t be too much longer before they start to fly.

So, in spite of the rather unconventional start to this season – when the female left the first egg uncovered for at least five days before she started incubating, things are going well.

Good news, and a great welcome back!

By Geoff Lockwood