The owls files – Chapter 4: I’m back . . . .

20 November 2023

I’m back .  .  .  .

On Wednesday evening, Mafana – the night watchman, found what he thought was the third chick on the parapet of the Gold Fields roof. It was hiding in the overhanging vegetation close to the Evergreen Oak – but had not been there when I had checked earlier. We both kept checking, but it was only on Friday evening that we had all three chicks together again, and I could check that none of them had been injured. All good!

The events of Tuesday morning had definitely spooked them however, and I have not seen them roosting together since. This morning, I found two on the parapet near the Tea Garden – hiding amongst the Karee foliage, but I did not locate the third chick.

By Geoff Lockwood