Educational Displays


A natural history museum houses displays depicting a variety of biomes, including wetlands, mangrove swamps, desert and grassland ecosystems. Other permanent exhibits include the geology of the Witwatersrand, an ecosystem around a fig tree, spiders and scorpions and the Lesotho Highlands Water Scheme.

The Day in the Veld, sponsored by SAB, is innovative as it simulates a day, from dawn to dusk, in the bushveld, with the various sounds and sights that a person might encounter.

The Centre was donated replicas of the skulls of the “Taung Child” and “Mrs Pless” which are on display in foyer.

Gold Fields Discovery Centre

tmb_DioramaVarious dioramas display different environments

The Gold Fields Discovery Centre allows groups, under supervision, to participate in experiments and activities covering topics such as soil, energy, air and water.

The various discovery rooms are:

  • The Energy Room (sponsored by Eskom)
  • The Water Adventure Room (sponsored by Rand Water)
  • The Biodiversity Room

We use the resources of the educational exhibits to enhance our programmes. The public are welcome to visit the Natural History exhibit for a nominal fee of R 5 per adult, R 2 for children (5 years and older) from Monday to Friday 09h00 to 16h00. No guiding service is provided unless prior arrangements are made. Closed over weekends and Public Holidays.