Environmental Impact Assessments

(Specialist Input only)

DEC offers ornithological specialist input into environmental scoping, impact assessment and management (EMP) reports for a wide range of projects and developments.

Projects undertaken include: EIA’s (specialist input reports) and scoping reports covering property, mining as well as nature reserve developments; ecotourism consulting; biophysical surveys; and natural resource management strategies.

geoff-lockwood-0-3Geoff Lockwood.
He is Delta’s consultant on environmental topics to businesses and industries and is often called upon to advise on and contribute to environmental impact assessment studies.

Geoff has consulted on a variety of projects including mining (in SA, Botswana and Sierra Leone); airport redevelopment (on the island of Principe, São Tome é Principe); casino developments, office park and residential developments; golf course management issues relating to birds.

He was the ornithological consultant for VeldFocus (on SABC TV’s 50/50 programme) for over 14 years, and is currently a member of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s African Grass-Owl Task Group which is researching and developing conservation protocols for this threatened species.

He has also served on the Steering Committee of the second South African Bird Atlas Project (SABAP 2) since the start of this project in July 2007.