The owl files

22 September 2020

Madonna and chicks

I’ve been out on the roof for most of the day wire-brushing another rusted section, and every time I glanced up at the nest box I could see that the female was very restless. Often I could tell from her movements that she was busy tearing prey and feeding the chicks so at 16:30, when she had still not left the nest, I climbed the ladder to check on how things were going. The scene of her surrounded by her three chicks was stunning, and probably one of my most memorable photos in over 40 years of working with these birds.

It was also the first time that the chicks have reacted to my presence – taking their cue from the relaxed behaviour of ‘mom’ and simply peering at me curiously.

Relaxed mother Owl and 3 chicks 22092020

By Geoff Lockwood