Recycling depot closed
The recycling depot in Delta Park has been closed

Each person in South Africa produces about 0,5kgs of waste every day. This is usually taken away and dumped in large spaces and buried. This is unsightly and often unhygienic. It also uses land that could be put to better use. A large percentage of this waste could be reused or recycled. By doing this we can protect our resources, save energy, reduce pollution and reuse waste materials to create new useful objects.

If you have committed yourself to this worthy cause there is nothing more frustrating than not knowing what to do with your accumulation of waste material. Delta would like to help you by providing some useful contact numbers which you could cut out and keep in a handy place for future reference!!


National Recycling Forum
Mondi (paper)
Institute of Waste management
Nampak (paper)
Collect-a-Can (cans)
OilKol (used oil)
Plastics Federation of SA
The Glass Recycling Company
E-Waste Pikitup sites at Tana Road (Greenside) & Ballyclare (Bryanston)
Fluorescent tubes & batteries Pick ‘n Pay stores
Garden waste Municipal dump sites or make your own compost!