The owl files – Chapter 2: The three stooges . . .

27 August 2021

The three stooges . . .

I’ve just popped up the ladder to check on the owls and as my head cleared the parapet I heard bill-clicking from the lower roof. Looking around, I could see the female in her favourite spot under the overhang of the lower roof. She quickly settled down though once she realised it was me .   .   . and I was able to turn my attention to the nest.

All three chicks were lying in the box looking at me, and I was finally able to study them together for the first time.

An hour earlier there had still been the remains of a Vlei Rat in the nest – but the female must have fed it to the chicks and then decided to take a break from them while it was still fairly warm.

Three owl chicks 27082021

By Geoff Lockwood