The owl files – Chapter 2: Worrying times

12 October 2021

Worrying times

After the joy and relief of finding ‘my owl family’ all together in the Elm behind the Centre last Tuesday, things are not looking so good today.

On Wednesday evening, the female was on her own in front of the Centre and made no move to join the rest of the family. The chicks were obviously very hungry – and almost mobbed the male while begging for food. The next day the female was again roosting apart from the others in front of the Centre but that evening the chicks seemed more relaxed .  .  . and were not giving their wheezy begging calls with the same intensity. They had obviously fed fairly well the previous night!

That was the last that I have seen of the female however. The male and chicks are still roosting in the Elm, and the chicks seem to be hungry again this evening but although I’ve searched for the female there is still no sign. I may need to try and help the male with food if something has happened to her.

By Geoff Lockwood