The owl files – Chapter 2: Getting there . . . .

08 November 2021

Getting there . . . .

Yesterday the male and the younger of the two chicks were roosting on the window ledges at the back of the Centre, and the older chick was roosting under the overhang of the Function Room roof.

Possibly, the two that have been roosting in the Monkey Thorn decided that sleeping amongst those hooked thorns in the windy conditions was just too uncomfortable – but a male Black Sparrowhawk has also been going after them and they may have been forced to seek out a more protected roost site.

The chicks are rapidly moulting, and each day they look more and more like adults. The older chick (2nd photo) in particular is already showing adult feathers in its ear tufts, and the leg-feathering is showing the chevron-pattern typical of adults. More good news is that I’ve not heard the chicks begging in the early evenings – so it looks like they are getting enough food.

By Geoff Lockwood