The owl files – Chapter 2: All still on track!

19 November 2021

All still on track!

Since the last update the chicks have been roosting at the back of Centre – either on the parapet amongst the branches of the Monkey Thorn, or under the overhang of the Function Room roof. Mostly, the male has been with them, seemingly preferring to roost in the Monkey Thorn, but he has been missing a few times – causing a few anxious moments. When I checked on them at 12:30 today however, all three owls were present – the male in the tree; the rufous chick under the roof overhang, and the ‘grey’ chick on the parapet tucked in amongst the foliage of the Monkey Thorn

Good news is that the chicks seem to have been getting sufficient food most evenings, and the intensive begging early each evening that was a regular feature a month ago is no longer happening.

This is only the second time in over forty years that we have lost a female while the chicks were still dependent on the adults for food and the males have thankfully been able to step up and rear the young on their own.

By Geoff Lockwood