The owl files – Chapter 3: A magical evening!

07 June 2022

A magical evening!

I spent a wonderful evening out on the roof with the owls. The female left the Oak really early this afternoon and was out on the parapet enjoying the sun before 16:30. I joined her just before 17:00, sitting down about 7m away where I could also see the male – who was still perched in the tree.

At 17:15 the male began calling softly, with the female responding a few times. After fifteen minutes, the male flew out of the Oak tree and straight onto the back of the female and after mating he landed next to her on the parapet. For the next ten minutes I sat watching them as they looked around, responding to activities and noises out in the park .   .   . and then the male ghosted off towards the sanctuary. Seven minutes later, the female followed.

Male owl in tree
Male owl in tree

By Geoff Lockwood