The owl files – Chapter 3: Lift off . . .take two

08 September 2022

Lift off .   .   . take two

After spending another day hiding in the parsley, the chick was actively moving around our roof garden and begging loudly last night – with the female perched on the wall nearby. I checked often, but the chick was still on the roof when we went to bed.

This morning, the chick had gone. I checked the nest box – and the other chick was still ‘at home’ so I climbed out onto the lower roof to search for its sibling. There were some excited mobbing calls from the bulbuls, mynas and an Amethyst Sunbird coming from the Evergreen Oak and when I approached, I could see the chick perched in the tree with the male nearby. Hopefully this will have a better outcome!

By Geoff Lockwood