The owl files – Chapter 3: Every picture tells a story . . . some encouraging news!

24 November 2022

Every picture tells a story .   .   . some encouraging news!

Since my post on Sunday, I’ve been checking the nest every morning to see if there was any sign that the male was delivering food to the nest. Up till this morning, there has been no sign of any food remains, although the chick seemed to be developing normally. Two of the four unhatched eggs that were in the photograph taken on Sunday had however disappeared.

This morning, things had changed dramatically – when I flushed the female from the nest, there were the remains of a large Vlei Rat with the chick and remaining eggs. The male is definitely bringing food!!!!

Less encouraging is the fact that I’ve only been seeing one of the fledgelings with the male since Sunday. The youngsters are at the stage in their development when they often start venturing further out into the park – so its disappearance could simply be part of this process. Hopefully, it turns up again.

By Geoff Lockwood