The owl files – Chapter 3: Branched!!

13 January 2023


I was out early this morning to check on the rat trap .  .  . nothing; up to the roof, up the ladder to check on the chick .  .  . nothing visible .  .  . so downstairs and out onto the back roof. A fruitless check for the chick under the nest was followed by careful search of all the likely spots around the roof – but still no sign of the chick.

I could see that both adults were in the Tea Garden, and there were also a lot of bird alarm calls coming from the area – and so I went down to check. There was the chick in one of the Karees near the parents. It has cleared a major hurdle – although much later than usual, but the fact that it is ‘out and about’ will make supplementary feeding a whole lot more difficult. Hope the male comes through!!

56 day old owl chick in Karees in Tea Garden

By Geoff Lockwood