The owl files – chapter 4: Ouch

14 September 2023


Yesterday evening the female was sitting on the corner of the Gold Fields roof in the chilly wind and I decided to check on the chicks. It was already pretty dark, and the chicks were right against the back wall of the nest box – so I was hanging over the wall to try and get a better view. A stinging thump on my shoulder .   .   . and the female went sailing past and landed on the Function Room roof below.

I took a hurried photograph, and when I was safely down the ladder, I had a look at the result.

All three chicks were visible, and  the remains of a rat in the nest were lying in the nest – great news! The view of the chicks was also better than the other photos I’ve posted this season, and you can clearly see the differences in the size and development of the three.

You can also see how the wing feathers of the chick on the right have started to emerge from their sheaths – all on track.

3 roughly 25 day old owl chicks
3 roughly 25 day old owl chicks

By Geoff Lockwood