The owl files – Chapter 2: Two chicks!!

18 August 2021

Two chicks!!

I had just climbed the ladder to try and get a view of the chicks .   .   . and my timing was perfect. It looked like the female had been feeding them, and both were still visible. The larger chick (in the foreground) has already lost its egg tooth, and is showing growth of second down along the feather tracts – making it around 5 – 6 days old. The second chick appears to be a few days younger and you can still see the whitish egg tooth on its bill (just visible next to the female’s left cheek).

We have still got a way to go, but this (very) young male is showing all the right instincts and has grown wonderfully into the roles of mate, and now father since he arrived on 28 February 2021!

Female owl with 2 chicks 18082021

By Geoff Lockwood