The owl files – Chapter 3: And so it begins . . . again!

30 May 2022

And so it begins .  .  .  again!

Yesterday evening the female was perched on the parapet of the roof next to the Evergreen Oak, with the male also on the parapet – but about 6 meters away. He then flew up onto the back corner of the Function Room roof and began calling softly. After a few minutes the female flew up to the nest box, landing at the entrance and calling softly. I expected the owls to mate, but the male first flew to the other back corner – and then headed off into the park towards Delta Park School. The female remained on the step in front of the nest for about five minutes, and then headed off towards the Tea Garden.

This evening the female was again perched on the parapet next to the Oak and I climbed out onto the roof to join her. At 17:40, the male started calling from the back corner of the Centre roof and, after a few minutes, the female flew up and landed on the near corner. She hooted softly a few times .   .   . and the male landed next to her. She crouched, .   .   . and he mounted her. After about 15 seconds, she gave a squealing sound .  .  .  and it was over.  It looks like the breeding season is starting.

Hopefully it will be a ‘more normal’ one!

By Geoff Lockwood